New Energy with a Rich Past

We were tired of artificial energy drinks and knew we could do better. We learned about a magical plant called guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) that has been used in the Andes-Amazon region since since 500 A.D. Today, we’ve remixed this super leaf into our refreshing, organic clean line of energy drinks, RUNA.

With Kichwa Traditions

The brewed guayusa leaf has played an important role in the Kichwa people’s daily routine for thousands of years. In a ritual that continues today, the Kichwa people of Ecuador have woken up before dawn to gather around a communal fire to drink guayusa in preparation for their day. 

This ritual is done to give them mental strength and clarity and help them feel “Runa” — meaning FULLY ALIVE.

The Amazon's Superleaf

This superleaf has a unique balance of naturally occurring caffeine and polyphenol antioxidants, and provides more caffeine than a cup of coffee and similar antioxidants found in green tea.

That’s why we use guayusa in all of our RUNA products: to help provide sustained energy, mental clarity, and focus without feeling a crash. 

Supporting the Kichwa Today

Today, we continue to source guayusa from Ecuadorian farming families to help stimulate their economy while maintaining the integrity of the Amazon rainforest, so the local people don’t have to turn to logging or other industries destructive to the rainforest in order to support their families.