We have a very passionate team that works dedicatedly to share guayusa with the world and fulfill our mission of helping people feel fully alive, both in the Amazon and the United States. Our culture is defined by three core qualities and we’re constantly looking for qualified people to fill roles and contribute to our growth.

  • Hard working: We are hustlers here at RUNA. We go the extra mile, work long hours when needed, and don’t treat our jobs like normal 9-5 gigs.
  • Intelligent: We have a smart team who is analytical and rigorous with our decision making processes and strategic planning.
  • Passionate: There is a distinct level of positivity and excitement that our team members bring to not only to our work, but also to our personal lives.

In addition to creating positive culture in a mission driven company for our team members, we also send all of our full time team members who have been with us for more than a year on all expenses paid trip to Ecuador to visit the farming families we support.

About RUNA:

RUNA is a Brooklyn-based social enterprise that makes beverages brewed with guayusa tea, and improves the livelihoods of Amazonian farming families through its supply chain. Recognized on Inc Magazine’s List of 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the country, RUNA is realizing rapid acceleration and development in the market. RUNA supports over 3,000 farming families and is pioneering a new way of doing business in the Amazon. RUNA’s products are sold in over 7,000 stores across the country, and are an effective alternative to the legions of artificial beverages and energy drinks on the market.